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Are you a master athlete? Could you help with research?

What is this specific research about?

We are investigating the effects of intense exercise on bone and muscle health in older adults.

Can I help?

Yes! As long as you are over the age of 60 years old and competing at regional standard sprint/middle/ long distance running in the past 12 months.

What would it involve?

  1. Completing a questionnaire
  2. Wearing a small activity monitor for 7 days
  3. Participants who complete the activity monitoring will be invited to our research facilities to complete state-of-the-art assessments of muscle and bone health

The Research Team

Jamie has interests in three main fields of research;

skeletal muscle physiology, exercise physiology and Nutrition and finally the Ageing Neuromuscular System and muscle weakness.

He has published a wide array of studies with his current research being funded by the Medical Research Councill, and he has won many prestigious awards over time for his research.

Jessica Coulson (Co-Investigator) Jessica Coulson

Jessica is a Senior Research Assistant at MMU

She has graduated from the University of Manchester with a degree in Anatomical Sciences (BSc Hons). She is currently submitting her masters by Research degree looking into the bone health of elite female endurance runners. Being an elite athlete herself she has a keen interest in bone health including the affects that occur in later life and how physical activity is seen to have such a positive affect at all ages.

Alex Ireland (Co-Investigator) Alex Ireland (Co-Investigator)

Alex Ireland is a Research Associate in the School of Healthcare Science at Manchester Metropolitan University.

Alex's PhD studies focused on bone adaptation to exercise and disuse, and the influence of muscular action on bone. This involved study of different population groups from master athletes and elite tennis players, to spinal cord injury patients and cast-immobilised patients. Alex is currently working on a Medical Research Council-funded project investigating effects of age and activity on motor neurons, and subsequent influence of these changes on movement.

Mathew Piasecki (Co-Investigator) Mathew Piasecki (Co-Investigator)

Mathew Piasecki is a PhD student within the School of Healthcare Science at Manchester Metropolitan University.

Mathew’s PhD is investigating the loss of motor units in ageing and sarcopenia. His previous research experience includes investigating effects of amino acid interventions on age-related loss of skeletal muscle.


We would like to thank the MRC for the funding of this research and the collaboration with The University of Bristol.

The MRC is a research council funding an extensive range of research, with particular interest in looking at life long health and well being.

The University of Bristol is a very prestigious University with a high level of academia. A wide array of research is undertaken at the university using the state of the art facilities.

Find out more

To find out more about this study and if you feel you are eligible to participate please get in touch:

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